The Flipped Classroom

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What is a Flipped Classroom?

Flipping a classroom isn’t necessarily a new way of “teaching”.  It’s simply a strategy that allows us to get the most out of our class period together.  I will be recording most of the videos your child will watch at home, but I will also filter in some videos recorded by other teachers so that they hear a concept from a different person/perspective, don’t get bored with the same type of instruction/presentation, and some teachers have really great software programs that allow them to demonstrate some concepts that are beyond my resources.

Here are some resources regarding what a “flipped classroom” is. 

The Flipped Classroom – A great infographic that summarizes what a flipped classroom is, how it works, and the benefits of this teaching method.

Here is a short video from Crazy for Education describing Flipped Teaching.

You can also visit to see the online forum of teachers across the country (elementary – college) who have flipped classrooms.

 (Additional articles/links can be found at the bottom of the page.)

Here are a few benefits of flipping a classroom:

  • Students can watch the video on their own. They can pause, rewind, or repeat the video if necessary.
  • Parents do not have to worry about helping their child with homework.
  • It helps busy students.  Students can watch videos days in advance if they know they have a conflict in schedule.
  • Students who are absent do not miss out on instruction.
  • There will be more time for me to help students one-on-one during class time.
  • Learning is student centered, not teacher centered.
  • Students will work in like-ability groups.  Discussion, collaboration, and teamwork will be encouraged.
  • Students become more responsible learners.

What our videos will look like:




Flipping with Crazy for Education

(Note: Students will be walked through the following steps in class during the first week of school)

Why Crazy for Education?

  • It was created by Flipped Teachers for Flipped Teachers.
  • I can upload and organize videos/lessons by Course and Class.
  • No advertisements.
  • No additional content on the sidebar (versus YouTube’s content that you cannot control).
  • Teachers can earn money to trade in for updated technology.
  • I own the videos I create.

Digital Note Card

After each video lesson, students will fill out a “Digital Note Card” that will be submitted to me electronically.  Each DNC will allows students to record four things:

  • Notes
  • Summary
  • I Didn’t Understand
  • Curiosity Question.

Each DNC will be recorded as a homework grade and will ensure that each student watches each video lesson.  I will be able to print out a summary of the class’ Digital Note Cards to use to prepare for facilitation of the day’s lesson.

To located our Videos:

  1. Visit (You may want to bookmark this page)
  2. Create a Free Account by clicking “Student Sign Up”
  3. When prompted, use eCode: “CalcuKate2014” to register for FREE
  4. (Please allow the box to be checked that states “Allow educator to change password” in case you forget it!)
  5. Parents can also explore this website as it has many resources supporting the success of Flipped Classrooms.

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